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A new generation of flooring opens up new possibilities

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OBJECT CARPET presents FREESTILE, next generation carpet tiles: an innovative, especially flat weaving technique gives the floor covering its trim modern – for a carpet tile – extremely hard surface, yet still preserves all advantages of textile floor coverings with regard to comfort and health.

FREESTILE is not only robust and minimalistic like a hard surface, but also preserves the proven advantages of textile, woven surfaces: This includes the enhancement of room acoustics (up to 20% in comparison with other hard surfaces). Also very high slip resistance as well as unrivaled pleasant walking comfort make carpeted floors a sought-after element in interior design. FREESTILE has proven itself as a forward-looking overall concept: A carpet tile which unites innovative design, outstanding useful-ness and sustainable environmental management at the highest level.

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FREESTILE – An Overview of Characteristics

• Free of PVC and bitumen
• Suitable for people with allergies (TÜV tested and certified)
• Reduces particulate matter (GUI Certificate)
• Low in emissions (tested and certified by DIBT)
• Low in odours (GUT tested and certified)
• Improves room acoustics and reduces footfall sounds
• Fibrous material manufactured from 100 % PET (100 % recyclable)
• Newly developed digital printing without use of water and drying processes
• Simple installation without glue adhesion
• Low-maintenance
• Surefootedness and high walking comfort via integrated comfort underlay
• Suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings

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