focus 01a Special Colour Collections – BLACK ART, WEB ART

We have some new brand products which have special colours and patterns, and would like to introduce for all of our valued clients. With the new weaving technology, the carpet can be weaved by using different yarns and colours, loop or velour and can create unexpected ways of expression. With the new fibres and techniques used on the carpet, all woven Art carpets are extremely hardwearing and suitable for the all heavy traffic area such as hotels, retail stores or public areas.

focus 01b

BLACK ART by Object Carpet – powerful, present and with understatement. Inspired by powerful elements of nature, from volcanoes, lava streams, pebbles stones – black art in three individual designs. An exclusive statement of material, a playful design but a distinct appearance: Black Art Vulcano 500 | Black Art Lava 500 | Black Art Pebble Beach 500

WEB ART by Object Carpet – weaving technology in a new dimension. The weaving of different yarns and colours, loop or velour, has created unexpected ways of expression. High-low structures create „roomscapes“ and seem to let your carpet come to life. Exceptional designs destined to become a classic: Web Art Vulcano 600 | Web Art Lava 600 | Web Art Pebble Beach 600